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Hello Everyone!

Kyle here. I've been extremely busy over at CryptoCoinsNews for the past few weeks, so consider this our introduction if we haven't had a chance to meet :). Javier and I have been working on Bitcloud for months, and we've finally been able to put together our roadmap for success. Our eventual goal is to acquire funding from interested parties, but we need to have a few things in order before we can do that. We've been contacted by many traditional investors and Bitcoin millionaires, so acquiring funding should not be a problem once we have completed some basic tasks. The idea is to use crowdfunding to pay for Bitcloud development, while an IPO could be used for WeTube. We need to be able to explain the technical details of how Bitcloud will work before people will want to fund it. Here a few things that we will need to accomplish before we can acquire funding:

1) Write a professional white paper.

Here is the current White Paper:

The white paper is used to describe the technical aspects of Bitcloud and how it works. Javier has written a lot of the paper already, but there is still more to finish. I'll also be able to help reorganize the paper to make it clear and concise once all the final technical decisions have been made. Javier will need help with the white paper, so please make an effort to assist him with this as often as possible. Ask questions, join the discussion on #bitcloud-dev. Make your own suggested additions to the white paper.

2) Complete the Wiki.

You'll be redirected to the Wiki if you go to

This is where I am putting most of my focus right now. A Wiki is one of the best ways to make sure anyone can learn about Bitcloud in a short period of time. While videos and interviews will also be important for Bitcloud explanations and presentations, the Wiki will be useful whenever someone wants to learn more about the protocol. If you have a question about a particular aspect of Bitcloud, make sure to ask everyone about it on the Wiki. This will help us figure out which pages we still need to create.

3) Create a video and presentation for the fundraising campaign.

I'll be able to take care of the written content for the fundraising page. We'll use a combination of an Indiegogo page and a Bitcoin address for contributions. We'll also need a high quality marketing video for the fundraiser campaign. In addition to the marketing video, Javier and I will also have interviews, presentations, and Q&As through Google Hangouts for more in-depth information.

4) Build a proper website. currently redirects to the Wiki, which is fine for now. We'll still need to create a professional website before we launch the fundraising campaign. Victor is currently leading this part of the project. You can contact him at if you would like to help with the website.

5) Build a proper team for investor confidence.

Investors will want to know that there is a team of capable programmers behind this project. Please send me your CV (email: We'll need to list the team members on the fundraising campaign page to let people know that we have the ability to make this project happen. People will want to know the people behind Bitcloud before they are willing to send money to it.

There are obviously other things we'll need to worry about besides these five points, but these should be our main areas of focus. Once we're able to complete these tasks, it will become much easier to acquire funding and spend more time on the development of Bitcloud. Most of us need jobs to pay our bills, so it's important to get that funding if any real progress is going to happen with Bitcloud. We're all working for free right now. If you're not willing to do that for these early stages of development, then you may want to leave the project.

Once we have the necessary funding for Bitcloud, we'll be able to pay programmers to work on the project full-time. We'll also be able to attend conferences and pay for more robust marketing campaigns.

Let's keep the discussion going on the mailing list, IRC (#bitcloud and #bitcloud-dev on freenode), the wiki, and in the forums. This is the only way we'll be able to finish the white paper and the Wiki. The only way this project can actually happen is if we all dedicated our free time to Bitcloud. Let's make it happen.

Proposed Project Timeline