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Bitcloud is an open source distributed database and escrow agent that allows people to share data and create distributed applications.

The decentralized nature of Bitcloud allows anyone to publish large amounts of content that is free from censorship, high costs, and proprietary software.

Bitcloud can be the base for decentralized applications that require data storage and bandwidth.

There are many Bitcoin 2.0 projects in the works right now, but they all still rely on some type of blockchain. In Bitcloud, the blockchain is replaced by a distributed database, also known as the nodepool.

Bitcloud creates a new decentralized system of trust where entire web applications can be hosted without a centralized server.

Why do we need Bitcloud?

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The features


No More Blockchains

Bitcloud replaces the blockchain with a distributed database (DB) that can be used for decentralized systems of trust. This allows for more dynamic and flexible decentralized applications.

Record removal is possible with a DB but not with a blockchain, and unlimited extensibility of distributed DB core is possible.

Trustless Security

All data is encrypted and then broken up in many different parts. These separate pieces are stored in many different storage nodes around the world.

Trustless operations are supported by various cryptographically supported strategies, including distributed Certificate Authority (CA) infrastructure and automated consensus synchronization.

Easy Decentralized App Development

Any language (Java, Python, etc.) can be used to build decentralized applications with the generic API for Bitcloud's distributed SQL database system.

More than a piece of software, Bitcloud is a platform/protocol that can be implemented with most modern computing framework.

NSA Resistance

Publishers, users, and nodes may be public or private. Identities are based on a mined Certificate Authority (i.e., "mined authority"), and not an address of any kind.

The Bitcloud network and platform does not inherently require any static or direct address information to operate. Tor, proxy, or other obfuscation communication techniques may be used.

Reliable Storage

Unlike other decentralized and community provided network solutions, nodes may be paid for their services provided to the Bitcloud network. This supports reliability of service(s), and provides motivation for self-perpetuation of the Bitcloud network.

Any node can sell their network services, as agreed by automated contract mechanism and secured by neutral-party escrow/auditor.

Free Software

Bitcloud is not a company. The protocol is free to use for anyone, even for commercial purposes. All platform software developed by the Bitcloud Foundation uses open source software, and shall always be licensed for public domain.

Giving the software away to the community helps the platform take on a life of its own. Bitcloud is beyond any single entity or group, and shall continue so long as it remains useful.

Applications you can build


Digital Content Platforms

Decentralized and community delivered versions of YouTube, Soundcloud, and eBook store applications may be supported by Bitcloud, and built on top of the platform.

Stored content may generate revenue directly for the producers and remain strongly resistant to censorship.


As soon as a record synchronization reaches 51% of the nework, no additional confirmation is necessary because no alternate "blockchain fork attacks" using 51% identity advantage may be possible. However, stored records may be deleted by the record owner for better privacy and network performance.

Exchange Applications

Exchanges may be built upon the Bitcloud DB core, with transaction records stored within one or more Bitcloud Grid.
Cryptocurrency wallets may be stored with multiple encryption layers on the grid so no wallet loss would then be possible.
Near instant decentralized trades could be achieved, with fixed DB hosting providing for no per-transaction fees.

Social Network Applications

Diaspora or other social networking applications may be built upon the Bitcloud platform to ensure security and availability as provided by distributed DB and storage.

Interact with your friends on social networks where your data cannot be mined by advertisers, and your posts are not censored by any central authority.

Messenging Systems

All Bitcloud communication is encrypted, and stored data has multiple layers of encryption.

Applications for voice, text, email, or video messaging may leverage the Bitcloud platform for communication and stored data that is encrypted from end-to-end.

Private Cloud Storage

This is an inherent feature of Bitcloud. No extra layers are needed. The Bitcloud network is composed of Grids, which may be configured to operate independently and/or privately.

Bitcloud Publishers are not required to make their content public, and may even run their own private grid using the Bitcloud platform.